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CALL US: 084 230 1639

CALL US: 084 230 1639



EPM PTY (LTD) is a well-established construction company based in the Tulbagh and Kraaifontein area. With many years in the building and construction trade, a wealth of knowledge and experience has built up within this expert team.

With confidence being put into every step of the construction process, you can trust that every care is taken in that, only the best results are accepted.


The training process.


Here at EPM PTY(LTD), we take the training process of our staff extremely seriously. We believe that if we take the time, to in still the proper knowledge, we will gain only the best results. Each member of our staff is put through vigorous training to ensure that a solid team is built. We pride ourselves in having only the best, this way we can ensure you receive only the best service.


“No shortcuts!!!”  


Anybody can build a house, not everybody can build a home.

Here at EPM PTY(LTD), we specialize in “home building”. We take special care in ensuring that every specification is adhered to, to ensure every aspect of your requests, is met.  We also offer a wide range of services, from full buildings to fencing, alterations, or simply additions to current buildings. Nothing is too big or too small for us to tackle.


We care...


We believe in the preservation of our planet. We understand that without taking the extra effort to do things in a way that is sustainable, we will soon have nothing left to sustain. We at EPM PTY (LTD) take pride in being an eco-friendly “green” construction company. We love our surroundings and take extra care in being mindful of our environment.

We believe in paying it forward. The foundation of any great team is that of honesty and compassion. We believe in our social responsibility towards our staff as well as local communities.  This is an aspect we take very seriously and have great pride in the strong bond it creates within our business and community support structure.


That extra mile.


We feel that putting in that extra effort often results in abundance we never thought possible. Nothing is too much effort for our team. We strive to go that extra mile in every way possible to ensure our clients are entirely happy with our results.  Nothing short of perfection is good enough for us.

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